What to expect on Day One – 15 July

Well count down is on for the Congress and various levels of planning are in full gear…. Keynotes are on board and we have some extra additions and delivery aspects in place. In this Blog I will outline the first day’s events.

The Congress will start with official welcoming and Welcome to Country and then move to the first Keynote delivered by @NicolaSchutte. This will set the some of the overall conceptual aspects of Emotional Intelligence, including assessment aspects of Emotional Intelligence.

We will then move towards the next keynote @MarcBrackett who will be beamed into Fremantle through webcasting from Marc’s Yale Centre based in Connecticut. This will provide the link to Emotional Intelligence and Education, and will then lead to our new visiting speaker @MarkSparvell.  Mark who works as International Educational consultant from Microsoft who share views on the link between #AI and #EI. Workshops and other presentations will form the rest of the first days Congress presentations.

The first night Monday evening will provide an opportunity to either stay a little longer listening to a Public Lecture by @MarkSparvell extending his views on AI and Education (6.00 till 7.30) or come over across the road to Little Creatures for a drink and some Pizza!!

For information, please go to: http://icei2019.com or follow us on Twitter https @ECongress2019

Congress Convener
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