Welcome to ICEI 2019

The 7th International Congress on Emotional Intelligence (ICEI) is now rapidly approaching, and the enthusiastic Local Organising Committee welcomes you to Fremantle and Western Australia…with open arms and hearts.

The 2019 ICEI focuses on emotional intelligence within the professions of medicine, education, law, arts, social sciences, health sciences and business.  It allows for a unique networking opportunity at the local, national and international level.

Top experts in the applied and academic fields of emotional intelligence (EI) will present the most current advances of EI theory, research and application. You are encouraged to participate in the international symposia on developing trends and issues. Workshops, oral papers, posters and symposiums will be used to stimulate personal and professional discussion. In addition you can sign up for specialised training at the pre-congress workshops, providing you with certified qualifications.

There are even more reasons to join us in July.  You will have a chance to network with a wide range of multidisciplinary professionals while being part of the beautiful city of Fremantle with its rich maritime history and culture.  You will be able to explore the city each day as well as participate in several wellness sessions and cultural activities against the backdrop our amazing beaches.

There are several areas that you can participate during the three day congress:

  • Theoretical aspects of emotional intelligence: Application to measurement, neurosciences, emotion and cognition.
  • Emotional intelligence in education: Education and social emotional learning, perception and appraisal of emotion.
  • Emotional intelligence from individual and organisational perspectives: individual / organisational / cultural issues, emotional facilitative thinking.
  • Emotional intelligence in the professions: Leadership, consultation and coaching process, employing emotional knowledge.
  • Application of emotional intelligence to health and wellbeing: health and optimal development, clinical application, work engagement and burnout.

Our program includes keynote speakers who are leaders in these fields.  They include:

We have organised this Congress to emphasize both conceptual and applied approaches to Emotional Intelligence. There will be a wide variety of opportunities to learn.  For information, please go to: www.icei2019.com or follow us on Twitter https @ECongress2019

Watch out for future blogs. We look forward to welcoming local, national and international participants to Freo and the congress!!

A/Prof Chris Skinner

Congress Convener

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