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I would like to thank the Local Co-ordinating Committee for their great work and dedication to the development of this Congress. Laurel, Annette, Nigel, Cindy and Richard have been great and have contributed their valuable time over the last two years. Particular thanks need to be extended to Maureen Nichols for her great organisational expertise and for putting up with me as the Convener!!

Thanks should also be extended to the ISEI Executive Committee for their advice and help in the abstract review process. Special appreciation to our ISEI President, John Pelliterri who has contributed and advised on many Congress and Society based issues.

Finally support through the Notre Dame Medical School (Professor Gervase Chaney, Professor Selma Alliex), Microsoft (Mark Sparvell), Perth Convention Bureau, and Encanta (Conference Organizer, Nakita Rogers)

NEWS We now have an App and small pocket sized booklet produced for the Congress; this allows for quick and easy access for the Congress and possible sharing and future contact with fellow Congress participants. Information is available on the website …

By chance there is a Fremantle Festival during the Congress…. You can find more information on

If you are coming to the Congress see you soon….

For information, please go to: or follow us on Twitter https @ECongress2019

Congress Convener
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