Pre-Congress Workshops

Workshops will be held concurrently on Sunday 14 July 2019 from 9am to 4.30pm. Please register for one only.

Workshop 1: Emotional Intelligence: Moving from Theory to Practice

Marc A. Brackett, Ph.D.
Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Emotions can either hurt us or help us. They hurt us when they control us. One angry outburst or eye roll can cost a relationship or even a career. Whether you’re on the delivering end or the receiving end, unchecked emotions can wreak havoc on our personal and professional lives.

On the flip side, when we use emotions wisely they help us to focus on important tasks, make sound decisions, engage with others, enjoy healthy relationships, and manage stress. Indeed, effective emotion regulation is a prerequisite for success in all areas of life. Yet, most people have never received a formal emotion education.

To both get along with others and get ahead, we must develop the skills of emotional intelligence:

  • Recognising emotions in the face, body, voice, and physiology
  • Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions
  • Labeling emotions with the correct vocabulary
  • Expressing emotions in healthy and appropriate ways
  • Regulating emotions with effective strategies

In this highly interactive training participants will learn how to harness the wisdom of emotions through developing the skills of emotional intelligence. Participants also will learn how to use practical tools like the Mood Meter ( to develop emotional intelligence in order to better navigate relationships and social networks, influence and inspire others, and achieve greater personal well-being and professional success.

Who should attend: Those with an interest in practical skill development in EI; a specific educational skill development focus such as teachers, educators, parents and health education professionals; and HR consultants and personnel/administration oriented staff.

Cost: $275 (includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)

Students: $150 (includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)

Workshop 2: Emotional Intelligence Foundations

John Pellitteri, PSY.D. ABPP
Queens College, City University of New York

The International Society for Emotional Intelligence offers professional certification workshops so that you can become an emotional intelligence (EI) expert in your profession.

The certificate workshop program provides participants with expert training in empirically-based knowledge of emotional intelligence, effective strategies & skills in EI-based interventions, and personal growth through experiential lab training in emotional awareness. The training is for professionals in the fields of:

  • education and learning specialties
  • mental health /counselling /therapy
  • organisational consultation/coaching/management

Certificates will enable participants to apply EI interventions in their respective disciplines.

The workshops are designed for those with basic and advanced knowledge in emotional intelligence and teach foundation concepts as well as strategies specific to each area of practice.  Participants develop their own emotional intelligence as part of the training process as they learn to use EI strategies effectively in their work.

This foundation workshop explores:

A. History, development and current issues of EI

This class will provide an overview and address current issues in EI. It will review the history and evolution of the concepts and present the major models (abilities, traits & competencies). Current challenges with conceptualization and measurement will be reviewed.

B. Developing EI abilities

This experiential lab class is designed to explore each of the four areas of the abilities model of EI. Participants will engage in experiential activities aimed to teach and to develop:

(a) emotional perception;
(b) emotional facilitation of thinking;
(c) emotional knowledge; and
(d) regulation of emotions.

Development of these abilities will serve as a foundation for personal growth as well as for implementing EI strategies in professional settings.

Participants will receive an ISEI Level I-Introduction Certificate.

Who should attend: Educators, health professionals, business and HR practitioners, students wanting to increase their EI knowledge.

Cost: $275 (includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)

Students: $150 (includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)