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We have been really fortunate to have David Caruso coming to Fremantle, providing a pre congress workshop. And specific oral presentations throughout the 2.5 days of the Congress.

David Caruso, Ph.D., is a management psychologist who develops and conducts emotional intelligence training around the world. He is the special assistant to the dean of Yale College. David received a Ph.D. in psychology from Case Western Reserve University and was a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development predoctoral fellow.

He has co-authored dozens of scientific publications, as well as the Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test. He also co-wrote, with Peter Salovey, the practical, how-to book, “The Emotionally Intelligent Manager,” which introduced the Mood Meter and Blueprint. David is the co-author of “Emotionally Literate Teacher” and “Emotionally Literate School Administrator” with Marc Brackett and Robin Stern.



We also are very grateful in welcoming Mark Sparvell to our Western Australian shores

Mark Sparvell is Senior Manager, Education Marketing on the Worldwide Education team at Microsoft Corporation, working with education leaders and organizations globally to identify innovative leading and teaching practice, building community and capacity by leveraging digital solutions.

Mark has developed and implemented the school leader audience strategy for Microsoft Education driving the global Showcase School expansion, the initiation of Microsoft Schools, Showcase School Events and partnership with EdX to produce the K12 School Leadership Curriculum. In his current role Mark has led the Class of 2030 and Emotion and Cognition in the Age of AI research.

Mark has offered two presentations during the congress and these relate to the growing importance of linking “ Emotions and Cognition in the Age of AI”.

We have organised this Congress to emphasize both conceptual and applied approaches to Emotional Intelligence. There will be a wide variety of workshops, oral papers, posters, and even a symposium.

Social aspects will also be catered for with informal and formal welcomes and a Congress Dinner, with Dr Carmen Lawrence being our guest speaker.

Watch out for future blogs and we welcome local, national and international speakers to WA and Freo !!

For information, please go to: http://icei2019.com or follow us on Twitter https @ECongress2019


Congress Convener

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